Stanford’s Zhang Leads U.S. to Overall, Women’s Victories in Spirit International

Rose Zhang, the top-ranked women’s amateur in the world, just keeps on winning.

The 18-year-old Zhang (pictured with teammate Rachel Heck), a Stanford freshman from Irvine, captured the women’s individual title and led the United States to victory in the overall championship and the women’s team championship in the Spirit International at Whispering Pines Golf Club in Trinity, Texas.

The U.S., captained by LPGA star Stacy Lewis, finished with an overall score of 210-205-205—620, 28-under-par, while Canada was second at 208-212-221—641, Sweden at 216-213-213—642, France at 214-212-220—646 and England at 218-213-217—648.

Switzerland was sixth 218-217-216—651, followed by Argentina at 220-220-214—654, South Africa at 218-223-216—657, Colombia at 219-223-220—662 and Mexico at 226-213-224—663.

With Zhang, who has won her first three starts for Stanford, finishing first and her Cardinal teammate Heck of Memphis, Tenn., tying for fifth despite a cold and cough, the U.S. won the women’s title with a score of 147-137-136—420, 12-under.

“It was so special,” Zhang said. “Especially with Stacey Lewis as captain and my teammates cheering everyone on. It’s just truly a great event to be at, and when I first got invited to this event, I couldn’t wait to represent my country. Being able to win with them is truly special.

“(Heck is) absolutely amazing. She’s battling her sickness and she was constantly grinding and I really pay mad respect to her. As her teammate,I’m super lucky to have her by my side and even if she wasn’t playing the best, she was the best to be around. We all had good vibes.”

Switzerland was second at 142-142-143—427, followed by France at 143-141-149—433, Sweden at 144-146-144—434, Mexico at 152-144-144—440 and Canada at 149-147-146—442.

Argentina totaled 149-149-150—448 to tie for seventh with Colombia, which finished at 143-148-157—448, while Ireland was ninth at 153-146-152—451, followed by Spain at 153-146-154—453.

Sweden claimed the men’s title with a score of 145-141-143—429, 3-under, followed by the U.S. at 141-145-144—430, Canada at 137-143-151—431, Argentina at 148-147-140—435 and South Africa at 149-150-137—436.

Denmark totaled 143-148-150—441 to tie for sixth with England, which wound up at 143-150-148—441, while Scotland was eighth at 150-143-150—443, followed by Belgium at 142-155-147—444 and France at 148-153-146—447.

Zhang, who won the 2020 U.S. Women’s Amateur and the 2021 U.S. Junior Girls Championship, took the women’s title with a score of 69-68-69—206, 10-under, followed by Isabella Fierro of Mexico at 73-67-69—209, Savannah Grewal of Canada at 71-69-71—211 and Chiara Tamburlini of Switzerland at 72-72-69—213.

Heck, the defending NCAA women’s individual champion, shot 78-69-67—214 to tie for fifth with her Stanford teammate Caroline Sturdza of Switzerland, who finished at 70-70-74—214.

Andrea Lignell of Sweden was seventh at 71-74-70—215, followed by Adela Cernousek of France at 72-70-74—216, Justine Fournand of France at 71-71-75—217 and Amelia Williamson of England at 80-69-69—218.

Sam Bennett of the U.S., a senior at Texas A&M from Madisonville, Texas, won the men’s title with a score of 73-68-69—210, 6-under, followed by Hugo Townsend of Sweden at 73-70-69—212, Johnny Travele of Canada at 67-71-75—213.

Christo Lamprecht of South Africa shot 71-75-68–214 to tie for fourth with Segundo Oliva Pinto of Argentina, who finished at 73-72-69—214, Bastien Amat of France, who wound up at 71-71-72—214 and Joseph Pagdin of England at 69-69-76—214.

Albin Bergstrom was eighth at 72-71-74—217, while Alexander Frances of Denmark totaled 73-75-70—218 to tie for ninth with Matthis Besard of Belgium, who finished at 70-76-72—218, and Henry Lee of Canada, who came in at 70-72-76—218.

James Plot of the U.S., a graduate senior at Michigan State who is from Canton, Mich., tied for 12th at 68-77-75—220.

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