Q-Star Tour Balls by Srixon


Srixon has revamped the popular Q-Star Tour ball for recreational players with moderate swing speeds offering distance, control, and spin.

Fast Facts Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Balls
Recreational players over 75 mph swing speed
3-layer construction
Urethane cover 0.5 mm thick
338 dimple pattern
Cover coating to improve friction with irons
74 compression
Colors: White or yellow or Divide (yellow/orange)
$39.99 dozen

Srixon says the Q-Star Tour is their softest tour level model featuring a new FastLayer Core that was made slightly firmer to generate more ball speed but retaining a soft feel. Sidespin off woods and long irons was reduced which improves accuracy and control.

The Spin Skin microscopic coating is added to help the elasticity of the urethane cover and the amount of grab into iron grooves. This adds to the friction with the face and creates more spin for more control on scoring shots.

Srixon General Manager, Brian Schielke was quoted saying, “You don’t have to be a pro to have a tour-level golf ball. The Q-STAR TOUR allows golfers to control their shots, still get the distance they desire, and maintain a pure feel around the greens.”

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