Darkspeed Drivers the Latest from Cobra


The newest metalwoods from Cobra Golf are the Darkspeed family with three driver models all having re-engineered aerodynamic shaping and an AI designed face.

Fast Facts
Available Jan. 19, 2024

Cobra Darkspeed LS Driver
Better player category
Low spin model
Three sole weights, two front & one rear, 1-12g, 2-3g
Adjustable hosel
Stock shafts: UST® Mamiya LIN-Q M40X, Project X HZRDUS Gen 4
Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline

Cobra Darkspeed X Driver
Game-improvement category
Two sole weights, 12g & 3g
Adjustable hosel
Stock shafts: UST Mamiya LIN-Q M40X, Project X HZRDUS Gen 4 (S), MCA KAI’LI Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline 

Cobra Darkspeed Max Driver
Super game-improvement category
Heel & rear weights, 12g & 3g
Draw bias
Adjustable hosel
Stock shafts: Project X HZRDUS CB Red, UST Mamiya LIN-Q M40X
Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline 

Cobra Golf has introduced three new model premium drivers with improved shaping to lessen aerodynamic drag on the downswing for more speed and again this year made use of artificial intelligence software for the design of the face.

For example, the LS model for high swing speed players wanting lower spin on tee shots in addition to the head weighting has a higher rear skirt and crown profile giving a more pleasing look at address.

“The aerodynamic package in the new DARKSPEED family of drivers is our most advanced to date,” said Mike Yagley, Vice President of Innovation. “We continue to push aerodynamic shaping, mass properties and resilience to drive technology and innovation, providing golfers the most advanced and high-performance clubs possible.”

Cobra’s AI weighting uses a suspended weight that is positioned lower and more forward for added distance and the face insert is 13% larger to produce as much ball speed across the entire hitting area.

The LS also has an 8° loft Cobra build with long drive champion Kyle Berkshire in mind. The smaller head shape gives even better aerodynamic properties and this model is targeted for those with the absolutely highest swing speeds.

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