Apparel for women that can guard against the sun

Heather WilsonTournament DirectorCoronado Golf Course
Don’t let the effects of being out in the sun keep you away from the game you love.
We know that using sunscreen and wearing a hat, preferably a large brimmed one that protects your face and ears, help protect you from the sun. But there are a few other methods that can be effective, too.
Aside from staying indoors, good UPF or SPF sun-protected clothes are the best way to prevent skin damage and avoid bad tan lines.
Sun sleeves are a great option as they are very effective and easy to wear. Some people have trouble wearing them because they can be too tight around the elastic band, but most ladies like them because they are easy to grab out of your golf bag and throw them on before their tee time.
Another item I have found useful is a long-sleeved shirt from Bette & Court called Cool Elements. This shirt is available in mock or collar and in about nine different colors. Cool Elements is great because it has 50 SPF, and an IceFil material that cools your body by 5 percent. It also has a mesh trail under the arms that feels amazing when the wind blows through the shirt. It’s a diamond in the rough when you’re out playing golf during the Santa Ana winds and you don’t want your skin to get nice and crispy.
So don’t hide inside, be prepared by staying protected and go enjoy a beautiful day out on the links.

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