Tequila Don Anselmo Blanco

This story begins in a town called San Juanito de Escobedo, Jalisco, a place known over time for cultivating some of the finest agaves in the region. In this magical place, Don Anselmo García is born, a passionate Tequila enthusiast who gradually acquired knowledge and experience.

Don Anselmo’s dream and vision were to establish his own distillery to embody all the knowledge he had acquired throughout his life.

However, over the years, Don Anselmo couldn’t witness the realization of his legacy. It wasn’t until 1996 that his great-grandson, after many years of sacrifice and hard work, could make his great-grandfather’s dream come true.

Using techniques, production secrets, and, above all, the inherited passion, Don José García decides to launch this special edition as a recognition and tribute to his great-grandfather Anselmo.

Don Anselmo is crafted through the secret of cooking the agave’s honey and employing the best production practices.

Today, Don Anselmo’s distillery is a reality. In Mexico, we understand that dreams transcend, just like the flavor of our Tequila.

AROMA: The predominance is citric orange blossom aromas combined with herbal notes, also can be found in the sweetness from cooked agave.

TASTE: The sweetness of the caramel, obtained during the cooking of the agave, is confirmed. The alcoholic impact is low and very pleasant. This tequila has a rich vanilla flavor.

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