Rory McIlroy: Power, Grace, and Balance

By John Burckle
Photos Michael Weinstein


Watching Rory McIlroy hit a driver is so magical for most of us golfers. Not only does his swing seem effortless but the power he produces is even more astonishing. Even though he’s in great shape, he doesn’t have the size of a long drive competitor but effortlessly hits drives over 300 yards. Let’s look at a few images of some key areas that create Rory McIlroy’s power positions that generate all that power.



Photo #1


In photo 1, the shoulders, arms, and club working in sequence on the takeaway with nice extension. The club is setting (hinging) without tension. If you were to draw a line from the ball to the shaft he’s right on plane.



Rory McIlroy's powerful swing
Photo #2


As he continues his backswing in photo 2, notice how his legs, hips, and feet haven’t moved much compared to his shoulders, arms and club which continue to turn and he maintains his width by not letting his arms collapse at the top.




Rory McIlory's Power Positions
photo #3


In photo 3, notice the left arm and club face at the top of the backswing are parallel to each other and in perfect alignment. His incredible shoulder turn and restricted lower body stores his power.




Rory McIlory power position
Photo #4


Now, as Rory starts his down swing, one of his signature moves is he sits or squats. You can really see this in photos 3 and 4. This is a power move for Rory.




Rory McIlroys impact position
Photo #5


As he gets to impact you can see his legs extend upward as he delivers the club to the ball (photo 5) This helps him use ground forces to produce power. Another signature move for Rory.




Rory McIlroy's power positions
Photo #6


With all the speed and power, my favorite thing about Rory’s swing is his ability to look effortless and completely in balance at the finish (photo 6) Rory’s swing is something every golfer should watch. Power, grace and balance.



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