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It happens every June, the trees are green, fairways lush and the U.S. Open is eagerly anticipated. Oh, by the way, it’s Father’s Day. While gift ideas for Pops can be challenging, if your dad plays the grand old game, golf gear is always a welcome for this annual celebration of what dad does the other 364 days. So let’s get to it.

The No-Brainer Gift – Golf Balls

Every golfing dad needs and wants golf balls. They range in price from $9.99 all the way up to $48. The adage “you get what you pay for” applies to golf balls. The difference is the number of layers (2-5) and space-age materials used in those layers. The more layers, the more high-tech materials, the more expensive. It only makes sense.

The Techy Gift – Rangefinders

One of the hottest gifts this year will undoubtedly be rangefinders. Whether a GPS or laser unit, this is a gift dad is sure to love. GPS uses satellites to provide distances to the green and hazards, where laser units let you target pins and hazards by utilizing lens and laser technology.

The Distance Gift – Rocketballz Fairway Woods

This is unofficially the year of the fairway wood and atop the leaderboard is TaylorMade’s Rocketballz Fairway wood with slot technology. Acting like a trampoline, slot technology helps the ball jump off the face for previously unseen distance. Pros are gaining 17 yards … what will your dad gain?

The All-Around Gift – Gift Cards

If you are like a lot of folks, you may not know what dad wants or needs. In that case, a Roger Dunn, Golf Mart or Van’s gift card is the gift that always fits. They are available online or in-store in any amount. Visit

John Phipps is the director of marketing for Worldwide Golf Shops.

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