One of the most common issues I see with a lot of higher handicapped and newer golfers is swinging the club significantly too steep in the downswing, which causes an “over the top” move or too much of an out to in club path. 

In simple terms, the club path is the angle your club travels from the point the shaft is parallel to the ground on the downswing to point its parallel to the ground on the follow-through. When the club path is traveling too much from out to in or too much from right to left (for right hand players) of the target line it can cause major issues. 

Here are some helpful tips/drills to help improve your path and your club face control

1. Setup an alignment rod at a 45 degree angle pointing at you in the ground (if you’re on grass), use a range basket to help assist if you are on mats. Also put another alignment rod a few inches behind the ball on your target line. The goal is to make sure the club is swinging under the stick through impact and from the left to right of the target line rod if you were to be looking down your target line. (see pics for better understanding.)

2. A good feel from the top of the back swing is to feel your hands and the handle drop in transition all the way to your trail pocket. This move will make it easier to swing in to out. 

3. To help with your club face awareness, think of the back of your lead hand and the club face as one. If the logo on your glove is facing too much to the sky through impact the face will be too open. Try to exaggerate the feel of the logo on your glove facing the target through impact.

I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey to better golf and make sure to be patient in the process!

Vinnie Bertagna, PGA

Los Serranos Country Club

2020 SCPGA Inland Empire
Teacher of the Year


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