Galway Bay Rainwear 2021

Galway Bay Apparel is serious about rain and golf. Their tag line is “Just because the weather changes, doesn’t mean your swing has to.”

Every golfer knows if you play this maddening game sooner or later you will be rained on and having quality rainwear designed for golf by golfers to keep dry and warm is the secret for not having your day ruined.

For this golf season Galway Bay, based in Novi, Michigan, has updated their stylish line with new touches of color and improvements to the waterproof fabric used for the long sleeve and short sleeve jackets and pants.

The updated fabric is called Hydro-Flex 32 and as the name implies it both sheds water and has stretch so you are dry and can make an unrestricted swing. The 3-layer fabric has a hydrophilic interior that pulls moisture away and passes it to the outer layer that contains Teflon to be dispersed along with the rain plus excess body heat is released for added comfort.

Hydro-Flex 32 is lightweight and not bulky so walking and swinging are comfortable without any pulling across the shoulders and chest.

In discussing the 2021 offerings Michael Brown COO of Galway Bay was quoted, “Our proprietary Hydro-Flex 32 fabric is the most breathable waterproof technology in the industry. The All-Weather Jacket is now more lightweight and includes more stretch with the same level of waterproofness and breathability.”

Brown continued by saying, “It’s the subtle touches, like a quieter, stretchier fabric and design elements that help you play undistracted and unrestricted, that our customers appreciate. Add in rubberized waterproof zippers and rain pants that fit to your personal waist and inseam and you start to see our commitment to bringing golfers the most functional and enjoyable-to-wear rain gear on the market.”

Small touches often mean a lot and Galway Bay solved the irritating way rain jackets rub on your chin when fully zipped because there being too much collar in the front by tapering the high rear collar to just 1.25 inches and making it rounded. No chin-poking anymore as you walk and swing.

Another nice touch is the waterproof/windproof pants are available in standard and tailored fit and have belt loops to solve the annoying problem of other rain pants that don’t stay up. It goes without saying all the zippers are waterproof.

The black-on-black with long sleeves jacket is a great choice for all-weather wear and the company is running an introductory price of $299, $30 less than regular retail, and the companion classic fit pants, which are unlined, lightweight, and breathable, also in black are $184. The black-on-black short sleeve jacket is introductory priced at $20 less than list for $229.

As the season progress a short sleeve white jacket with black accents ($249) and a long sleeve jacket with sage accents ($329) will be available.

“The Short-Sleeve White Jacket is an eye-catching piece that will have its instant fans. The black-on-black is a versatile staple that will likely be our best seller, but we’re excited to be doing new things with our colorways and how the accents panels and the logos appear on jackets, so the looks really pop. The Black with Sage Jacket really takes some fun, new directions with the accent panels but it’s still a great-looking, classic piece,” says Brown.

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