Exotics Wingman Wedges by Tour Edge


Tour Edge’s latest wedges under the Exotics Wingman name have been two years in development with PGA Tour Champions player Bernhard Langer providing input for the forged head design which has a significant amount of offset.

Fast Facts Tour Edge Exotics Wingman Wedges
Forged clubheads
Vibration absorbing TPU-filled pockets
Back weight: 5-gram standard—2.5, 7.5, 10, 12.5-gram custom
All lofts 3mm offset
Milled face, grooves & micro-grooves
Three stock grinds
Stock shaft: Dynamic Gold 115
Available October 2, 2023
$139.99 each

The name Wingman comes from the “winged” weight pad located on the clubhead toe which raises the center of gravity thus lowering the launch angle while increasing spin.

Key in the development process of the new design was PGA Tour Champions player and Hall of Fame member Berhard Langer who said, “I am always looking for a forged wedge with the right amount of offset and eventually started to ask the R&D team at Tour Edge what they thought could come up with. What came back has astounded me with its performance. I put one prototype right into play the week I tested it because I could just tell that the design was just plain easier to hit and far more consistent than my other wedges.”

Having offset on a club places the hands in front of the leading edge which in turn means the impact will be more downward helping any player strike the ball more crisply with the correct trajectory and spin. Not usually seen in wedges, a small amount of offset is a big help by creating a more consistent strike tending to ensure the sole hits the ground at the proper angle.

Tour Edge’s TPU-filled pockets behind the face are specifically there to help create a confidence-building feel and make use of Tour Edge’s proprietary material branded VIBRCOR.

Wingman wedges offer three sole grinds for different playing conditions and swing attack angles. The F/S Grind (6°/8° bounce) is for a firmer turf and players that tend to sweep the ball while the M/N Grind (10° Bounce) is for firm to soft ground and players with a neutral setup. The S/D Grind (12°/14° Bounce) works well for softer-ground and those who have more vertical attack angles and tend to dig into the turf.

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