Callaway 2024 Chrome Soft, Chrome Tour, Chrome Tour X


Callalway has introduced three premium 4-piece balls for 2024 in the Chrome line, each making use of a reformulated high-speed core and urethane cover.

Fast Facts Callaway Chrome Golf Balls
At retail Feb. 2, 2024
Pricing: $54.99 per dozen

Chrome Soft Golf Balls
Recreational players
4-piece construction
Urethane Cover
Hyper Fast Soft Core
Chrome Tour Golf Balls
Better players
4-piece construction
Urethane Cover
Hyper Fast Soft Core
Chrome Tour X
High swing speed players
4-piece construction
Urethane Cover
Hyper Fast Soft Core

A minor renaming of the models in Callaway’s Chrome premium golf ball line resulted in dropping the Soft designation from the Tour and Tour X models while retaining the performance distinction between them. Refining the relative speed, flight, and control of the three models provides performance for specific types of players.

Each of the three models has a unique aerodynamic dimple pattern particular to the needs of the type of player targeted for their use.

According to Eric Loper, Callaway’s Senior Golf Ball R&D Director, “This has led us down this path of developing an industry first, it’s a combination of Callaway’s hexagonal surface geometry with strategically placed spherical dimples that provide stability through the entire ball flight. We’ve ended up with model specific patterns that maximize distance and improve stability over the entire ball flight, which the player will see in a variety of conditions. It’s something that we’ve benefited from by merging with Topgolf, we’re utilizing a 9 camera Toptracer system that gives us the ability to track the ball from start to finish with high level resolution. This has helped us validate this performance downrange with over 10,000 shots to capture real world results, to ensure that this pattern is going to deliver the performance that we expect for the best players.

Chrome Soft is targeted at what they call aspirational players wanting a Tour quality ball, the Chrome Tour is a softer feeling ball for better players such as professionals and the Chrome Tour X is faster off the driver with higher spin.

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