Allenby returns to scene of crime

Robert Allenby of Australia is back at the Sony Open in Hawaii this week at Waialae Country Club, still trying to get over a bizarre experience he had in Honolulu last January.

Of course, Allenby remembers what happened when he shot 71-71 — 142 to miss the cut by three strokes, it’s what happened afterward that remains more than a little hazy.

“I think I just need to get back there and do my thing in a very positive way,” Allenby said in a text message.

Allenby went out for dinner with his caddie at the Amuse Wine Bar, but somewhere that night things went blank and he later said he woke up bloody and beaten in a park without his credit cards and cell phone.

That account later was disputed by the homeless people who found him, but he said he was only repeating what some of them had told him because he did not remember what happened.

Allenby stuck with his story, which was questioned by some members of the media, although a Honolulu man was arrested and later sentenced to five years in prison for charging thousands of dollars in items on one of Allenby’s credit cards.

The 44-year-old Allenby, who has won 22 titles as a pro including four on the PGA Tour, made the cut only eight times in 25 tournaments during the 2014-15 season and has missed the cut four times in five events since the new season began in October.

“It’s been traumatic and it’s been very tough, but no one ever really actually came out with the truth,” said Allenby, who believes he was drugged. “That’s been tough to take as well. “I’m very cautious, there’s no question about it.

“Most important thing is you never leave a glass of wine or any drink unattached anywhere. And that’s probably the best advice I could give anyone in the world because it’s not a pleasant experience. Especially the outcome of what could happen.”

Allenby obviously is hoping for a new start back where it all began.

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