4 Ways To Decrease Variation In Your Golf Bets

When it comes to betting on golf, it is always commonplace to only see bets on who will be a tournament champion. This makes sense, since the winner of it all is what really matters.

Sure, it might seem simple at first, but when there are more than 150 golfers involved in a tournament, then you might have a hard choice to make. Even when you know great players will be in attendance, you need to realize that even great players have bad days.
With this in mind, there will be times where variation exists while betting on golf tournaments. If you are a gambler who does not mind this difference and are able to sit tight, then you will have a positive result whether your bet wins or not.

However, most betters don’t have this patience. If you are one of the few who can, though, we’ve listed some great ideas that will decrease the amount of variation you will have.


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  1. Place More Than One Bet
    When you bet on golf, you need to make sure to place more than one bet or you are not going to have very favorable winning odds. This is why spreading it out is always your best bet.
    No matter how you pick them, the choice is yours and you can pick as many as you like. The difference will lie in the players and how they perform.

    2. You Might Always Win a Field Bet
    If you decide that winning often is best for you, then placing a field bet could make it happen faster. With a field bet, you are making a wager on a certain amount of winning spots after a tournament ends. Although the payout amount is not substantial, it will certainly increase the amount of trust you have in it.
    Remember, there are a few sportsbooks that also allow a placing of top 10 to take place. This easily provides you a higher chance of winning a nice sizeable amount.

    3. Placing a One-on-One Bet
    Placing a one-on-one bet is the best-known method for decreasing variation. Although most golf fans don’t use this type of wagering, when they realize they should, they will notice the higher percentage of winning shortly after winning a few times.
    A great example of when this betting is used is during the Ryder Cup. This event is nothing but two-on-two and one-on-one between golfers.

    4. Become Familiar with Different Strategies
    When you have a strategy to win, then your chances of winning will increase and your variance will decrease. The good thing about getting familiar with strategies is that it can be accomplished whenever you are free. When it comes to betting on golf, you will always have an advantage when you are prepared and know what to expect. This also means winning more times than most and securing a nice-sized win. By following a great strategy that allows correct wagers to win, you will be able to enjoy winning a lot of them.

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