Zero Friction—Taking it in Stride


Zero Friction has introduced the Stride, a push and electric trolley combination with an integral golf bag plus a remote control and removable wheels for transport and storage.

Fast Facts Zero Friction Stride Electric Bag Trolley
Manual or electric follow-me mode
Two 200w motors
360w rechargeable battery
Autobraking downhill
Remote control
Front and rear wheels
Drive wheels removable
Built-in gyroscope
Full sized PU bag
14-way top with club clips
7 pockets
Side magnets for rangefinder
35 lbs. with battery
Black or grey
Available mid-April

I continue to be impressed with John Iacono’s Zero Friction for their innovative ideas about golf gear and the resulting products. Best known for their gloves and golf balls they also make carry and cart bags but what really showed their creative thinking in spades was the Wheel Pro that was introduced in 2021.

Their latest is the Stride and it too is an all-in-one bag and pushcart but has a quantum leap in usefulness. It is an electric trolley as well.

Iacono’s demonstration at the PGA Show showed how well thought out the design is and running the risk of over enthusiasm I was impressed with features such as the drive wheels pop off for transport on an electric cart and the rough terrain gyroscope is built right into the unit. If you’re like me, bags never have enough storage, and the Stride has seven pockets and the cooler pocket has room for a sixpack.

There are also other handy features such as the side magnets to hold a laser rangefinder and the 14-way full length slot top has clips to hold your clubs plus they send a Zero Friction umbrella as part of the package.

For a full explanation of the Stride here’s a video link: Stride Instruction Video on Vimeo

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