What type of shoe is best for you?

Heather Wilson Tournament Director, Coronado Golf Course

If a Footjoy shoe could be any car, then what type of car would it be? A Buick, Mercedes or a Lincoln Town Car could work best for the classic Footjoy. What if a Nike golf shoe was a car? A Buick or Mercedes would definitely not be an option. Nike appeals to a younger crowd, much like a Mustang or a Corvette. Although Footjoy is the No. 1 shoe in golf, the brand typically appeals to more traditional golfers. Nike is making an impact in the shoe market with their sleek and stylish performance on the golf course that appeals to the modern and sporty golfers.

The Footjoy brand has been on the market for over 100 years doing a great job in golf shoes. Nike has been making shoes for 48 years not only in golf but in all other sports, such as tennis, soccer, track and field, running, football, baseball and now golf.

Footjoy is the classic shoe you can never go wrong with, but the point of this blog is to inform golfers that there are other options. For the younger golfers, the Nike brand lets you stand out while looking good with your own style and comfort. Therefore, older golfers do not feel left out; Nike has comfort and a style to match all types.

Working at a golf course and doing the ordering for the womens apparel, I get a lot of feedback on golf shoes and I personally love to try all styles. A lot of issues our Women’s Club and I have is not about being “cute” or “stylish,” but about being comfortable. Golf shoes are important because you are walking in them for four to six hours depending on the round (hopefully not six hours), and being comfortable is important.

I have recently purchased three Nike golf shoes, the Nike Dunk golf shoe, Nike Summer Lite golf shoe and Nike Lunars, all are stylish and the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn.

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