Wilson’s 2nd Act


Most golfers marvel at how powerful and effortless pros hit the ball as they unwind their bodies in the follow through. While many players wish to emulate this, their backswing and balance can make that movement impossible. Here’s a tip to help you move your body properly, starting with the backswing. 

The famous volleyball from the movie Castaway has been left without a gig for too long. Here, I’ll show you how you can use it to help your backswing. 

The knees can be a less common method to understanding how to coil properly in a backswing. Using Swing Catalyst Pressure Plates, my students are able to see how their balance moves from start to finish. While I support that notion that the swing starts from the ground up, it’s also helpful to have functioning knees, hips and turn from your center to put the picture together. 

Ok, that’s enough of my technical talk. Here is what we do – Let Wilson rest between your knees. It’s fine to narrow your stance to be more comfortable. I recommend deflating Wilson 10-20 percent to make it more comfortable as well. As you turn back, you should have the ball turning with your knees. Don’t try to merely “hold” the volleyball. Use the ball as training wheels teaching your knees to move around the circle. The left leg can move out and around, while the right leg works back and around. When I teach kids, I tell them that Wilson is the Sun while the knees are planets that orbit the Sun. That seems to be the easiest way for them to get it. 

When the knees move around Wilson…presto! Your hips can turn with ease! Additionally, pressure can move properly in your feet. When you reach the top of your backswing, you’ll feel pressure in your right foot including the heel, and in your left foot towards the big toe. From here, you are in a place where you can fire through and accelerate the club. Always remember: The better you can wind your legs and body up on the way back, the easier it is to fire your body on the way through.

Jamie Puterbaugh, PGA

Aviara Golf Academy



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