The Modern Take Away

By John Burckle

Photos Michael Weinstein

Today’s PGA tour pros don’t take the club back like they used to. So many of the young tour stars start the backswing not allowing the toe of the club to rotate open as most of us were taught. The modern pro keeps the toe of the club facing the ball which to most of us would feel hooded or closed. The right arm doesn’t fold under but stays higher than the left. Notice in these pictures of today’s young stars how the club face is parallel to their spine angles on the take away. This is a modern day square position. Doing this keeps the club in front of us which is what we want. Most amateur golfers roll the toe open as the club goes back causing the club to get inside and unfortunately opening the club face which results in trying to close the club face on the down swing. If you can learn to take the club back like the modern tour pro of today your hands will feel much quieter in the swing allowing the club face to square up at impact far easier and improve your game.

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