Release the Club

These images of Jason Day, Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, and Hideki Matsuyama are excellent examples of how world-class golfers use the weight of the club head to create momentum through impact allowing the arms to naturally release away from the body as the rotation of the clubface makes the right-hand roll over the left causing the forearms to actually touch. 

On a stock shot, great players try to never manipulate the clubface through impact. Instead, they avoid impeding the clubface path or rotation and use centrifugal force to square the clubface through impact. When players get hot, it’s not because their hand eye-coordination improves that day, it’s because they allow the clubface to square through tempo and once players have rhythm, they can repeat that swing all day.

Eric Woods

2-Time Canadian Tour “Player of the Year”

South American Tour “Player of the Year”

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