Pantheon Bags by SuperStroke


New Pantheon line bags from SuperStroke include a lightweight stand bag, a cart bag, and a hybrid model. Each comes with a SuperStroke putter grip at no extra charge.

Fast Facts
SuperStroke Pantheon Stand Bag
Matte polyurethane material
4-way top full-length dividers
Dual strap
Pop out legs
5.85 lbs.
White or black
SuperStroke Pantheon Hybrid Bag
Matte polyurethane material
6-way top full-length dividers
Pop out legs
7.05 lbs.
White or black
SuperStroke Pantheon Cart Bag
Matte polyurethane material
14-way top
6.6 lbs.
White or black

SuperStroke has captured a large portion of the putter grip market and is using one of their popular models, the SuperStroke Pistol Tour which sells for $29.99, as an inducement to purchase one of their new bag line.

SuperStroke emphasizes the quality construction and materials of the Pantheon bags plus the designs show knowledge of the game and thoughtful appraisal of how they will be used on the course. The zippers are all waterproof, each of the three bags has dual waterproof pockets and the Cart Bag and Hybrid Bag have two magnetic closure pockets while the Stand Bag has one plus an adjustable dual strap.

CEO Dean Dingman commented, “In just over a decade, SuperStroke has had the privilege to become a reputable brand, recognized for performance and top-quality design. With the popular series of limited-edition grips and putter head covers we have released over the past few years, we’ve methodically been expanding more toward lifestyle-oriented pieces to complement our world-class grip offerings, and this launch of Pantheon bags solidifies that direction and gives our golfers new ways to identify more personally with our brand.”

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