Off The Fringe – Scheffler Classy Response to Dropped Charges


Was there ever any doubt about the charges against Scottie Scheffler arising from the incident before the start of the Friday round of the PGA Championship would be dropped? Special treatment was claimed by some, citing him being a “rich-white-guy” as the reason for the Louisville prosecutor’s decision. However, anyone who does a little research, looks at the videos and reads the Louisville Police Department accounts would come to the same conclusion as the Jefferson County Attorney. Those who haven’t bothered are just spouting off.

Scheffler showed some real class with an Instagram posting. “As I stated previously, this was an unfortunate misunderstanding,” Scheffler wrote. “I hold no ill will toward Officer Gillis. I wish to put this incident behind me and move on, and I hope he will do the same. Police officers have a difficult job and I hold them in high regard. This was a severe miscommunication in a chaotic situation.”

He went on, “I appreciate the support during the past two weeks and want again to encourage everyone to remember the real tragedy of May 17. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with John Mills [the man killed after being hit by shuttle bus] and his family, and I hope to personally offer my condolences now that the cast is over.”

Scheffler’s attorney has also said his client will not be initiating a civil suit against the City of Louisville, the city’s police department nor the officer who made the arrest. It’s simply another move reflecting world number one’s mature way of dealing with the whole situation.

Thanks, but No Thanks
The PGA Tour Champions effectively said to Richard Bland, “Nice job winning the Senior PGA Championship, but you don’t get the one-year exemption we give everybody else.” It was Bland’s first senior major and since he is barred from membership on either the PGA Tour Champions or DP World Tour due to having signed on with the competition, LIV Golf, he is ineligible for the exemption.

The Senior PGA Championship is run by the PGA of America not the PGA Tour Champions. The Englishman, however, will be entitled to play in the US Senior Open at Newport Country Club, a USGA event, plus The Senior Open at Carnoustie run by the R&A. 

Short Putts
Diehard golf fans know the winner of the Canadian Open almost 70 years ago in 1955 was Arnold Palmer. It was his first PGA Tour win just a year after taking home the trophy for the U.S. Amateur. He went on to win 62 times on Tour including four Masters.

Whew! With all that’s going on it’s great to hear Rory McIlroy and CBS reporter Amanda Balionis are not dating. They only have a “personal relationship” which is what Hollywood PR guys said back in the 1930s to hide what was really going on. Glad they don’t think we’re stupid.

In case you’re interested, Davis Riley went home from the Charles Schwab Challenge in a restored 1975 Corvette from Schwab commemorating the 50th anniversary ending government regulation of stock trading and brokerage firms’ commissions. From then on, the industry was allowed to set their own rates. Stock trading hasn’t been the same since with Schwab initiating steeply discounted commissions. It was the impetus for Schwab to become a powerhouse in the business.

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