Odyssey announces O-Works putters

Odyssey, the No. 1 Putter in Golf, officially announced its new O-Works Red and O-Works Black Putters, available at retail on August 4. These putters were developed based on extensive feedback with Tour players, and the company anticipates strong interest from golfers and Tour players.

Odyssey has had these models out at events, and has seen in testing that the pros absolutely love them. The red and black head colors have been generating interest, and we know that if the best players like something and putt well with it, real golfers are going to like it too.

Odyssey has been the leader in insert innovation for years, and its Tour proven Microhinge insert has taken it to an unprecedented level of insert performance, providing incredible feel, and gets the ball into a better roll at impact.

Pricing: $199 stock Winn grip, $219 Superstroke Mid Slim 2.0 Grip

O-Works Black Head Shape Options: #2W, #3T, #1, 330M, #2M CS, #7S

O-Works Red Head Shape Options: 2-Ball, #7, #7S

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