My take on growing the game

By Eric Lohman

1) Two sets of rules: One for serious golfers and competition, and one for golfers who only care about having fun. Quite frankly that second group would only concern themselves with safety, pace of play and etiquette. Hello 20 golf clubs in the bag, equipment without governors and year-long winter rules.

2) Enough already with a dress code. Do you think people would go to a park that made you wear a collared shirt? How about an amusement park, casino, movie theater or shopping mall? Time to get over ourselves. Heck, my church doesn’t even care.

3) Fourteen holes is the new norm; play more, pay more with your time and money. I’m done after 3 hours. No mas, no mas, no mas.

4) Embrace junior golf, make it the priority each and every day. Anyone complains tell them to go play Bushwood with the Judge. Caddie day hours have been expanded.

5) Tax breaks to golf courses that make their courses more affordable and accessible.

6) Build a golf course for the average 18 handicap in mind. When I want to get tested I will find a tougher test, don’t penalize my mom, wife and daughter.

7) Time to start appreciating the game, its players and support staff. No more taking us for granted.

8) The game loves you, now it’s time for you to love it back.

Eric Lohman is the PGA General Manager at Monarch Beach Golf Links in Dana Point.

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