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Q-STAR (Srixon)
By: Alex Smolinski
The best golfers in the world use the best equipment that money can buy for the best results on the course. So obviously, if the average golfer wants to maximize performance, they should opt for the best equipment as well, right? Recent studies indicate that that may actually not be the case.
The most expensive, tour-preferred golf balls on the market benefit professionals because they are designed with a softer cover that promotes maximum spin. Players skilled enough to control the spin of the ball can use this to their advantage on approach shots from the fairway and short chips around the green.
Average golfers however, often struggle to control the spin of their ball when approaching the hole, and having a ball designed for a professional can actually become a significant disadvantage.
The key to success for the average golfer is consistency. Higher handicap players can actually benefit from an all-ability ball that gives them a longer, straighter shot due to the reduction in spin. The increased distance and accuracy off the tee puts average golfers in to better short game situations than they would be in had they been using a top-of-the-line ball. Average golfers are often not skilled enough to take advantage of the increased spin-control provided by the softer ball, so the theory is that the benefit of a better, more consistent tee shot is more relevant than the upside of a softer ball with a higher spin.
Srixon released its Q-STAR ball centered around this principal. The Q-STAR is a mid-price, all-ability ball that caters to players with a higher handicap through consistent spin and launch angles. When a tour ball is struck perfectly it will provide an excellent spin, but spin can drastically reduce when the swing is slightly off, and that variation does not bode well for the average golfer.
“All available data suggests that the most effective way to lower scores is to hit more fairways and more greens in regulation,” said John Rae, Vice President of Research and Development for Cleveland Golf/Srixon. “With its reduced side spin, the Q-STAR makes that goal a reality for many golfers. Around the greens, consistent performance is the key to lower scores. Even compared to premium tour balls, the Q-STAR will provide more consistent spin performance for those golfers who do not make perfect contact every time. More consistent performance means more consistent results. More consistent results means lower scores.”
Here is a closer look at the Q-STAR, as well as several other balls that benefit the average golfer:
Q-STAR (Srixon)
Q-STAR (Srixon)
The Q-STAR ($24.99) from Srixon provides players of all skill levels with an all-ability ball that features Z-STAR technology. The mid-price point Q-STAR focuses on maximizing club speed and driver distance rather than spin. The ball’s S.T.A.R. (Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration and Responsiveness) Performance has been finely tuned with consistency in mind and provides an incredibly soft feel. For more information, visit
NXT (Titleist)

The NXT ($34.00) from Titleist was designed for golfers seeking extreme distance, straight ball flight and low spin. The harder, ionomer-composed cover provides a resilient, low spin shot that will increase consistency dramatically off the tees. The NXT has a soft feel to it and features a high-velocity, low spin solid core. For more information, visit
HX Diablo (Callaway)

The HX Diablo ($19.99) from Callaway is composed of a thin, soft ionomer cover with a solid polybutadiene core that promotes low driver spin and maximum distance, while maintaining a soft feel. The HEX Aerodynamics replace conventional dimples with ones similar to a honeycomb covering a beehive, providing more complete surface area coverage on the golf ball than traditional round dimples. For more information, visit
E6 (Bridgestone)

The e6 ($26.99) from Bridgestone minimizes slices and hooks by significantly reducing side spin, allowing golfers to consistently hit the ball both farther and straighter. The new Dual Dimple Technology helps to increase distance by creating more thrust power at launch via the inside dimple, while the outer dimple promotes extra roll through a more shallow angle of descent. The ball is available in white, optic yellow and orange. For more information, visit
Burner (TaylorMade)

The Burner ($19.99) golf ball from TaylorMade features a fast REACT core and two-piece construction designed to provide increased ballspeed as well as higher launch angles to give golfers the distance and carry they desire. The Burner’s LDP dimple technology promotes greater distance on off-center shots, while low compression ensures a soft, satisfying feel. For more information, visit

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