The importance of properly fit clubs

Tijeras Creek Golf Club LPGA Master Professional Swing MD, Inc.

Using golf clubs that are properly fit can improve your golf swing. Many golfers I teach play with clubs that don’t fit them. Women in particular are often sold a ladies set of clubs when in reality they require a longer shaft, bigger grip size, or firmer flex shaft.
Most golfers tend to think that fitted golf clubs are only for professional golfers, when in reality a novice golfer would see the most benefit from fitted equipment.
Golfers should not wait until they have “mastered the swing” or “break 100, 90, etc” to be deserving of new fitted equipment. Golfers tend to think that they are not “good enough” to have fitted clubs and often arrive to the lesson tee with hand-me-down clubs that are ill fit for them. Typically the shafts are too stiff for their swing speed, or the length is too short or long for their body type.
The analogy that seems to make sense and has an impact is asking them if they would wear a pair of shoes two sizes too big for them and learn how to walk around in them for two months and then they can go buy a pair that fits them. The light bulb often comes on, and they are at least willing to consider getting fit for clubs first before learning how to swing.
Golfers would improve their skills faster by using professionally fitted equipment, thus increasing their enjoyment of the game of golf and longevity in the game.

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