Barone Fini A Noble Commitment to Quality

My friend Grigio. Sometimes I call her Gris, but either way, she’s always invited over on a sunny day to sit on the porch with me and listen to me complain about the days events. Most folks think she came from Italy, because, well, that’s who makes so many of the labels we see now, but it actually originated in France, where its called Pinot Gris. I love this grape no matter where its made. The acidity and freshness that pairs with so many dishes and the ripe flavors and notes of apple and honeysuckle on a hot summer day is just what the doctor ordered.

I’ve chosen to talk about one of my go to’s that won’t break the bank, Barone Fini Pinot Grigio. So let’s go to Italy and talk about the Bonmartini-Fini family. They started making wine in 1497. Yes. 1497!! Two families came together in marriage, the Bonmartini and Fini family and began producing wine in Northern Italy. Today, the Bonmartini family, direct descendants of the Fini family still own and continue to operate Barone Fini Winery. I’ve met, ate, and certainly drank with the legend, Giovanni Bonmartini- Fini a few times. Two, I really can’t remember all that well, but I know we had a good time.


Speaking with Giovanni about wine and his charisma, passion and loyalty to his family and trade, is something I’ll never forget. Well, ok, you got me, I did forget two times, but hey, we were in Newport Beach California going to every restaurant we could buying and tasting patrons on Fini Grigio! I know we turned several folks that never drink Grigio on to it. You know those guys. The guys that “will never drink Grigio! It’s what my wife drinks.” Well needless to say, everyone  that tried it loved it, and said “Why haven’t I drank it before.”

Barone Fini Pinot Grigio is one of the all time, patio pounding, perfect party pleasing whites you will ever come across. It’s quality is in the bottle. Fini Valdadige (they make a higher end as well, Alto Adige) is it’s flagship wine. 100% harvested by hand, from the Valdadige region in the Northern Italian Alps. You can share this wine with great dishes from civechi, scallops, lemon chicken and even grilled pork. Or, just sit back and have with a little cheese.  Trust me when I say this wine over delivers for the price. You can find this wine at many restaurants, golf resorts and in fine wine shops. and if they don’t’s carry it, ask for it!

Remember to drink what you like, and like what you drink. And try new grapes! Salute!

By Matt Palaferri

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