Anti-counterfeiting group seizes more than 7,500 fake golf products

The Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group announced this week two successful raids in Shanghai that resulted in the seizure of more than 7,500 counterfeit golf products. The raids were made possible, in part, by information gathered from prior raids involving the Golf Group. In the last 18 months, the Golf Group has petitioned Chinese law enforcement to execute 18 raids resulting in the seizure of nearly 110,000 counterfeit golf products.

On April 12, members of the Shanghai Public Safety Bureau concluded a month-long investigation with simultaneous raids against two suspected counterfeit operations in Shanghai City. Three suspects were arrested for their alleged roles in the counterfeiting of thousands of clubs and products. The investigation of their activities began after key details were discovered during a February raid. The most recent raids garnered nearly 4,000 pieces of finished or semi-finished golf clubs, while the rest of the merchandise included balls, bags and apparel.

“These actions wouldn’t be possible without the help of the Chinese authorities and their continued investigations into these issues,” said Don Reino, Vice President of Legal Operations for Southern California-based Cleveland Golf. “Their support in the pursuit of these criminal activities helps send a stronger message to the counterfeiters.”

Others in the industry echoed that sentiment.

“Fighting counterfeit clubs is a long war, but we’re trying to take it one battle at a time,” said Joe Nauman, Executive Vice President for Corporate and Legal for Acushnet Company. “The counterfeiting of clubs is a global issue but raids often generate new information that leads to future arrests and protects the future of the game.”

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