HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Gear That’s Appreciated

Bettinardi Golf Queen B #8 Putter: The Queen B #8 putter ($400) from the creative mind of Bob Bettinardi is a classic mallet with improvements suggested in part by players on the PGA Tour. Immediately noticeable is the squared off heel and toe. There’s also more perimeter weighting concentrated in the rear bumpers, and with a 45-degree toe hang, it’s great for those with a slightly arcing stroke. The honeycomb milled face has a muted but crisp feel while the stain silver finish has a swarm of bees milled into the sole complimented by the distinctive black and yellow paint scheme. More about the Queen B #8 may be found at

Cleveland Golf CBX Wedges: More than 80% of golfers play game-improvement large headed cavity-back irons that are easier to hit than the blade-style irons professionals play, yet this same 80% still choose pro-style wedges that are heavier and harder to hit. Cleveland has changed that with the CBX line which are lighter and much more forgiving, plus they use of the same spin-producing face and sole design of their wedges that are a favorite on the PGA Tour. Available in men’s or ladies models for $130 and from 46-degrees to 60-degrees loft.

Honma Golf BERES S-06 Driver: The BERES S-06 driver from Honma is for those mid-handicappers wanting only the best in clubs and, like most of us, looking for some extra yardage from the tee. We like the expanded size of the sweet spot compared with the previous model and the head shape at address has a great look. The titanium clubhead is 460cc and has a slightly shallower shape with a reduced curve at the top of the crown. There are a choice of shafts with prices starting at $899 for the BERES S-06 2 Star model. Full specifications are on

INPUTT Putting Training Aid: A basic fundamental of being a successful putter requires aiming correctly. A new training aid called the INPUTT addresses the problem many have of starting off with the putter face not properly aligned and then compounding it by not keeping the face square to the arc of the stroke. It is designed to “Train Your Aim.” Simple and quick to set up, INPUTT shows instantly what needs correcting and the package includes tips on the basics of putting with more on their web site. The device works for left or right handed players and is available at for $59.95.

Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball: Srixon latest premium category ball has a lower compression core that’s easier to compress for lower spin off the driver for more distance. The cover is urethane with Srixon’s “Spin Skin Coating” giving the combination of soft feel and lots of control around the green. Add to that the 324 low-drag dimple pattern and here’s a tour quality ball that’s made for the slower swing speeds of amateurs. The Q-Star Tour is in the same price bracket ($30 per dozen) as ionomer cover balls but provides better performance from tee to green.

XXIO X Driver: XXIO (ZEK-si-oh) may not be a familiar brand but their clubs are leading sellers in Asia. The X driver or 10th generation of XXIO drivers has an expanded sweet spot on the face to give more distance and preserve ball speed when the impact is not exactly in the center of the face. They are also using a ultra-lightweight shaft with a high balance point to help with more consistent ball striking, making it a good choice for moderate swing speed players. The crown of the X is thin with a shallow rear area helping move head weight to the back, and there are special ribs in the sole to give a solid, pleasing sound when the ball is struck. The XXIO X is priced at $650 and there are four lofts to choose from.

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