The Latest Putters Ease Life On The Short Grass

The secret to finding a good putter is to discover one that generates confidence in you – through its looks, feel, weighting, or that intangible something. New models out this summer may just accomplish that task for you. Several tout weight that’s concentrated directly behind the clubface, to create an effortless momentum straight back and through during your putting stroke. This is particularly a great putter style, if your stroke resembles a pendulum, moving straight back and forth. If yours is a more open-and-close-the-gate-style stroke, in which you open the putter head back inside a little on the back stroke and then compensate by closing it on the forward stroke, you might benefit from a different style putter – perhaps with more of a blade-like head. Some of these latest models also have faces bearing groove patterns designed to help your putts forego skidding and instead impart instant roll on the ball. That will certainly help more putts drop. The bottom line is that you need to try them on the practice green first – before buying them – and see how they move you and the ball. Where to start? Here are five suggestions:

Never Compromise NCX RAY
Never Compromise NCX RAY

Never Compromise NCX-RAY
If you want to putt with what may be the liveliest-yet-softest new putter, try this putter, which comes in a full mallet, geometry mallet, small mallet, and a blade with a plumber’s neck. They’re collectively wowing PGA Tour pros, including Vijay Singh and Joe Durant. Each model features “Suspended Face Technology,” which includes a dual-density insert that uses isolated ribs that are embedded in a softer composite – providing dampened responsive feedback. One-fourth of the head weight is in the extremities, which helps increase stability for consistent ball velocity across the face. It feels simply awesome. A gray and red alignment feature makes for a consistent set-up and alignment.$149.99,
Taylormade Rossa Balero

TaylorMade Rossa Monza Spider Balero
A distinctly shaped large mallet boasts what the company calls a “ball-in-cup” alignment feature in the rear, which works in conjunction with a white line on the crown. The high-MOI putter is made of stainless steel and has a soft polymer version of the company’s proprietary AGSI insert. This helps your putts get rolling on a truer line quickly, so that you can sink more putts.

Nickent PIPE Dream

Nickent Golf PIPE Dream
Sporting the highest MOI in Nickent’s line, it features a face insert milled from anodized aluminum for a soft feel. Alternating grooves lift the ball at impact for a truer roll with less spin. It comes in double-bend mallet, center-shafted mallet and flare-tip mallet. New wings behind the heel and toe move the discretionary weight to the sides and the back, and have 8-gram weight plugs in each – enhancing stability through your stroke.

Ontic M-Pulse
Ontic M-Pulse

Ontic Golf M-Pulse Tri-Gold
This mallet has an inline weighting and alignment bar that puts more than half the head weight right behind the ball. An adjustable weighting system provides three head weight options by placing 20- or 40-gram weights into the back weight alignment bar. The putter is CNC-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and has an adjustable lie angle.

Rife IMO
Rife IMO

Rife IMO
The title’s “IMO” stands for “Inline Momentum,” meaning that about 85 percent of the head weight is down the head’s centerline, directly behind the hitting area. The result is a putter that has forward momentum on the stroke, guarding against deceleration. The shaft also helps create a face-balanced butter. The face features Rife’s trademark Roll Groove Technology that’s designed to get putts on an immediate true roll.

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