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Focus and commit to your target…It can help improve your slice

By Sean Lanyi
Do you catch yourself dreaming of never slicing another tee shot…
Let’s help you understand a few concepts so you can hit it straighter and farther than ever before. Watching PGA Tour Players might be difficult to relate to due to their swing speed that you may not be familiar with. These unique athletes have remarkable talent levels and work diligently to play at a world-class level on the PGA Tour.

It all begins with their reactionary performance state as they focus on their target, then crawl their eyes back to the ball and immediately begin their swing. This approach will free you up to make a tension-free golf swing that will produce more speed with much less effort.
Those of you that are not playing on the PGA Tour will find that your tendency is to stand and stare at the ball with very little awareness of a target. This creates tension and a multitude of swing flaws. Anytime you slice the golf ball, there are a number of things that could go wrong as the club head is striking on a descending blow into the golf ball, the club head path is swiping across the golf ball and/or the club face is open. These points I just made are the aftermath and the influencing factors that cause the golf ball to slice.

Let’s take the PGA Tour player route so you can play your best golf! Ready, set, let’s go. Setup to a golf shot and shift your eyes down the fairway. Engage your focus on your target immediately. Smell the roses by taking a slow breathe in and eventually crawling your eyes slowly back towards the golf ball. Slowly release that breathe by blowing out the candle and immediately begin your swing. By reacting and staying in motion you are allowing your athleticism to take over, which will eliminate variables and the golf swing much more repeatable. Train your game today and trust it tomorrow.

Sean Lanyi is a PGA Teaching Professional, Golf Channel Academy Lead Coach and ranked among the Golf Digest Best Young Teachers in the USA. He can be reached at (702) 327-0608 or by email [email protected]. Visit for more information.

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