By John Burckle
If you really want to improve your game and gain distance, then you must learn to shallow the shaft on the downswing. So many golfers have a steep or over the top downswing into the ball, creating all sorts of problems — slice, pull, hitting behind the ball and many other negative issues associated with that steep shaft plane into impact.

To become a good ball striker and gain control of your game, you must learn that the shaft of the club is steeper on the backswing and then flattens, or “shallows,” on the downswing. Notice in Image 1 how the angle of the shaft is pointed inside the ball. Then you can see in Image 2 how the shaft points at or above the ball. What’s happening here is the shaft of the club in the backswing is steeper than it is on the downswing.
Image 3 shows where the shaft is on someone who is steep or over the top in the downswing.
Learning to shallow the club on the downswing will allow you to strike the ball from an inside path, which is crucial in hitting a draw and gaining more distance.

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