Putting with Andrew at St. Andrews

By Andrew Kramer, PGA

With The Open coming back to the Old Course at St. Andrews, putting will play a key factor in determining the Champion Golfer of The Year. The large greens will yield many lag putts and making those 3-5 footers will be pivotal. I want to give you guys a few tips & drills you can use to help you make those testers.

The goal of golf is to get the ball in the hole. Start by placing two tees a putter heads width apart, about 5 feet away from the hole. When doing this drill I try to find a straight flat putt. First thing, make sure you get your eyes over the prize. What does this mean? Try to feel your eyes are directly over the ball & allow your putter to move straight back & straight through with a nice one-two type feel. Take your putter to your back foot, then to your front foot & hold the finish. 

Make sure you get your hips, feet shoulders & putter head all parallel to your intended line.

Rather than watching the ball roll in the hole keep your head down & listen for the ball to drop. Any slight head movement can alter the putter head & can cause you to pull or push the putt. Seeing the ball roll in the hole over & over is great visualization. Try to make 100 in a row! 

I hope these drills & tips help you make more clutch putts. Cheers!

Andrew Kramer, PGA

PGA Teaching Professional

Los Serranos Country Club


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