Practice Like you Play and Play Like You Practice

By Petra Cole, PGA

Making the transition from the practice areas to the golf course can be challenging for many golfers. To improve your performance on the course, I always recommend golfers to play as much as you can, but if you can’t play, be smart with your practice routine. However, if that’s not feasible, one can be smart with their practice routine by following the principle of practicing like they play and playing like they practice. To achieve this, I suggest players adopt these two simple practice routines which apply to all golfers, regardless of their skill level. 

Firstly, when at the range, it’s essential to constantly switch clubs and targets. Hitting one ball with one club at one target and then switching clubs to a new target helps to maintain focus and avoid monotony. Don’t get too comfortable hitting ball after ball to the same target as you will lose focus. My ideal driving range would have hills and mounds that golfers can hit off to simulate course play, allowing them to practice every shot they can imagine.

Secondly, when you work on your short game, go to the putting green and use one ball. Chip one ball and putt it out, just as if you were playing the course. It’s crucial to avoid gimmes and strive to simulate real course conditions.

Apply this focused practice to your routine and you will be able to transition easier and have more fun on the course.

Petra Cole, PGA

PGA Teaching Professional

Coronado Golf Course

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