Clos De Los Siete  A gem that’s a must try

By Matt Palaferri

You can find many wine regions in the world and many beautiful wines in those regions, but it’s not always easy to find world-class wines in those regions priced so well that you think: it can’t be THAT great. It’s like finding an amazing golf course, and with a cart it was under 50.00. You know what I’m talking about. You want to tell all your friends about the course but really don’t want it to get out because every hack will now go play it (me) and they will raise the green fee’s. That’s what I feel about Clos De Los Siete wine. I love it and I know eventually people are going to start drinking it, realizing how fabulous it is and the price will go up. Well, these things will happen so let’s keep this to ourselves and maybe we can sneak a few past the bunkers before people catch wind.

Argentina is graced with its position to the Andes mountains and its soil composition of gravel and stones that wash down the mountain. Winemakers have flourished here for decades, including the master winemaker Michel Rolland. He and Jean Michel Arcaute, a wine grower from Pomerol in Bordeaux, found an ideal piece of land at 3600 feet above sea level, and Clos De Los Siete’ s story began. We could chit chat about all of the technical and innovative things going on, but let’s just talk about how great this wine is! It’s a red blend with the varieties consisting of: Malbec, Merlot, Cab Sauv, Syrah, Petite Verdot and Cab Franc. It’s ripe with soft tannins and pairs will with everything. Literally, I’ve tested this. I was at Capital Grille Steak house in Costa Mesa with Ramiro Barrios from the winery, and a few others and we each ordered something completely different. Steak, Salmon, Chicken and grilled scallops. After I made fun of someone for ordering chicken, we all tasted the wine with each protein and it was amazing how well the wine and food both complimented each other. How many times have we tried to pair a wine at home, or bring wine to a friend and hoped that it would go with what the main course is? The solution is simple. CLOS DE LOS SIETE!!!!!! 

Let’s be honest, it’s pretty easy to go and find a wine, retail for $50-75.00 and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself “I’m a genius! This taste great.” Your friends all tell you that you can “always bring wine over,” blah blah blah. Want to impress them and really make yourself feel good? Bring them three bottles of Close Siete for the same cost and tell them, “I found this little beauty made by Michel Rolland in my travels,’ in your best Thurston Howell voice. Ok, the Thurston Howell voice is a little too much but my point is, it will impress everyone at the dinner party.

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