Xander’s Swing



A great way to improve your swing is to learn from the best players in the world. With the help of his father Stefan, Xander Schauffele has built one of the best swings on tour. In this photo of Xander at the completion of his backswing, notice his full 90 degree shoulder turn while getting his head behind the ball without swaying his lower body. To achieve this position you need to use your hips and feet correctly. Notice how Xander’s right hip is inside his back foot and his right leg is balanced and supporting his weight. His legs are stable and balanced. To get to this position you need to learn a few things. As you start your backswing, teach your right hip to turn behind you. Most amateurs sway the hips moving the weight to the outside edge of the back foot, which compromises balance and restricts the shoulders from turning properly behind the ball. Next step is to make sure to get your head and chest behind the ball. If you draw an imaginary line up from the ball at address your head should be behind the line so you only need to turn your right hip which will allow the shoulders to rotate properly and transfer weight into your athletic and balanced back leg. Learn how to use your shoulders and hips correctly and you’ll be off to a great start.

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