The Goat

GOAT HILL PARK in Oceanside, California was established in 1952 and saved in 2014 from being paved over and lost forever. 

It would have been a shame to lose such a special green space for the local community to enjoy — a magical spot that includes seventy five acres of undulating land adjacent to Interstate 5 and somewhat hidden from view between the off ramps of Oceanside Blvd and Mission Avenue. A humble clubhouse is perched up next to the driving range with a couple practice putting greens with a beautiful panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

A golf course inside a park. What makes “the Goat” so special? A lot of things, but mainly it’s the casual vibe and culture of everyone being welcome including dogs. There’s no dress code or stuck up rules here—just people respecting each other and living by the Golden Rule while enjoying an eclectic playlist of music around the clubhouse creating a warm and fuzzy mood.

The course is a creative collection of interesting holes that test good players shotmaking ability and is inviting to novices and beginners. Eight par 3’s of varying lengths, nine shorter risk/reward par 4’s and one par 5 make up this sporty par 65 short course that feels unique every time you play.

Fred Couples at the Goat chatting with local kids.

Goat Hill Park is also the home of the North County Junior Golf Association and Summer Caddie Academy that offers a safe haven for local kids and an opportunity to learn the game of golf which is a top priority at the Goat. There’s a 3 hole kids’ course called “the Playground” that’s free and built for youngsters to have a great time and feel comfortable around a golf course. 

Goat Hill Park has become a hub of the Oceanside community—a place for people to unplug, get some fresh air, and hang out with friends and family. At the Goat, we believe the game of golf creates better human beings, which, in the long run, will make the world a better place. 

Long live the Goat!

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