LS2MAN Traveler’s Cup

YOU GET THE FEELING IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY …when you pop the trunk to grab your clubs and the sounds of laughter and good tunes drift in from the driving range. As you get closer, the overwhelming sense is more of a family reunion or birthday party than a golf tournament, but you quickly realize from watching striped shot after striped shot and the approach taken by the golfers that this isn’t just happy hour. This is a group ready to play and looking to take a little scratch from their friends. Equal parts love fest and cage match.

The LS2Man Tournament Series is built on “Shot Making & Socializing” and with the crew of stout golferswho love to have a good time, you get more than your fair share of both.

Started 15 years ago as a small group of friends looking to connect over golf and “the hang”, the LS2Man tournaments have evolved to a series of events played everywhere from the foothills of the Sierras to the western shores of Ireland with stops everywhere in between. 

A common theme when you ask the question, “what’s the best thing about the LS2Man?’, the most common answer is “the lifelong friends I’ve made”. Maybe it’s the game of golf itself, maybe it’s the environment created by the founders, or (likely) the combination of both, but there’s a reason a large contingent of people who don’t miss a single event every year exists.

This year’s series kicks off with a trip south of the border to Cabo San Lucas, providing seasoned LS2Man veterans and newcomers alike to play some of the best courses in Baja and experience the world class hospitality of the resorts hosting the event. It’s shaping up to be one of the greatest LS2Man experiences yet, and with limited spots still available, we recommend signing up quickly and finding out for yourself just how magical a few days of shot making and socializing can be. Just remember, bring some cash to settle those bets with your new lifelong friends.

For more details on the Cabo LS2Man, the entire Series and to Register, go to

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