The mantra for Cobra’s Aerojet drivers was to lower downswing aerodynamic drag with more efficient head shaping and there’s a new 13g internal stiffener called a PWR-BRIDGE in the three new driver models each priced at $549. The Aerojet LS for better players has two changeable sole weights, the MAX model has weights in rear and heel, while the regular game-improvement category Aerojet has a fixed 12-gram rear weight.

The game-improvement Aerojet irons also use the internal PWR-BRIDGE idea but in the irons, it is a massive 70g and serves to stiffen the head plus allow the face to fully flex, just as in the driver. The heads are hollow and filled with injected polymer plastic and the face is a variable thickness construction. Both variable and One Length models are available. Set of seven irons with steel shafts $999 or graphite shafts $1099.

We and others we talked to were impressed by Cobra’s forged King CB and King MB models. The five-step forging is done to ensure the steel grain structure of the head has a crisp confidence-building feel. The CB (cavity back) and MB (muscle back) will appeal to low handicappers and feature the identical loft gapping so a combination set of the more forgiving CBs in lower lofts and higher loft MBs is possible. Set of seven $1199.

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