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Kris Brown

A 3-step guide to self-diagnosis

by Staff May 31, 2012

Why do golfers have a hard time progressing their golf skills? Is the game of golf just too hard? Most golfers become more confused as their practice sessions hit a disappointing finish, they leave with more questions than answers. The determining factor of progression must start with self-diagnosis. Frustration will set in when you don’t [...]

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Exploring all the angles

by Staff May 29, 2012

If there was a definition on how to play the game of golf what would it be? Can you get the ball into the air and have it go somewhat straight? Let’s stop getting so technical and break down golf to its simplest form. Before high-speed cameras, instruction methods that don’t work, advancements in equipment, [...]

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How to stop a round from going south

by Mike Stubbs April 11, 2012

Kris Brown — No matter the skill level of a player, the snowball effect can sneak up and put a strangle hold on your game. During a round, it’s only a matter of time before we make that first erratic golfing motion or the ball gets a terrible bounce into the water. But I’m here [...]

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How to get a better read on your putts

by Mike Stubbs March 19, 2012

When I ask my students how they read a putt on the green the answer is usually the same: “I don’t really know.” To help you improve your putting, I will take you through a four-stage routine that if done properly will give you the best possible chance to make an accurate read. Stage 1 [...]

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Learning made easy

by Mike Stubbs February 23, 2012
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For quite some time, we have been moving into a new era of teaching. The days of an instructor trying to find out as many things as possible about your personality and your game in a two- minute drive out to the practice tee should be over. The instructor asks you to hit some shots, [...]

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