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Technology has come a long way since 1987 when Golf Lab Academy founder Eric Woods began teaching indoor video lessons. Back then, instructors would use VCR machines and rulers as straight edges  and felt tip pens to draw lines on TV screens to explain the fundamentals.

Golf Lab Academy is now located only minutes away from Roger Dunn Superstore in Santa Ana, CA. The studio has quickly grown into one of the top teaching and training facilities in California. The instructors at this spacious indoor studio have more than sixty years of combined teaching experience and utilize cutting edge technology to create an experience that makes learning and improving quicker, easier, more effective, and enjoyable.

“The Golf Lab was built by playing and teaching professionals to create an environment that allows us to teach in a way that helps students see and understand how the fundamentals work and can affect the rhythm, motion, and trajectory of each swing,” Woods explained. “The fundamentals are simple, but can be difficult to explain, especially without the use of slow-motion video. A golf swing only takes a second,” he adds, “but there are a lot of moving parts, so not only can it be challenging to explain what students need to do to improve, it can be difficult to identify the issues.”


From the street, Golf Lab Academy might look unassuming, but once inside, students are amazed to see a 1,500 square foot studio with a spacious hitting area, full bar, and multiple flat screens. “When we moved out of the Roger Dunn store, I decided to build a teaching studio for my friends and me,” Woods said, “one that had the capacity to train touring pros but with a fun and relaxing vibe. Not only is the studio extremely private for one-on-one teaching experiences, it can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 16 people.”

A few months after the studio was completed, Woods’ good friend and talented player John Burckle asked if he knew of any places looking for an instructor. “I kind of laughed and asked him to come over to my office to see what I just built,” Wood said. “He came into the studio and has been Director of Instruction ever since.”

John’s stellar resume speaks for itself with 80 professional wins and more than 30 years teaching experience, and all his students would agree that he’s an outstanding instructor who has the ability to teach touring professionals as well as teenage beginners.

Another Golf Lab instructor is Dan Kupfer, who plays professionally and is a Master Club Fitter at Worldwide Golf Shops. As for Woods: he played professionally for ten years, winning back-to-back money titles on the Canadian Tour and was the first American to win the South American Tour money title. He also held touring cards in Australia, Asia, and South Africa.

Bottom line: the Golf Lab has all the cutting-edge technology and tools to help golfers of all ages and skill levels improve, but it’s the instructors that make it truly special.

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“The fundamentals have never been easier to learn with access to such powerful tools as high speed video cameras and software that allows instructors to draw lines and compare each student to top PGA players today.”


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