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California Golf Football Pool & Golf Ball Challenge

2 thoughts on “California Golf Football Pool & Golf Ball Challenge”

  1. Played golf at St Andrews and my caddy was Tip Anderson who caddied for Arnold Palmer for many British Opens. He told a great story about an Open when they played 36 holes the last day. On 3 consecutive rounds Palmer had hit his drive-in almost the identical spot on number 17 the road hole. They had the same discussion about club selection each round and Tip convinced Arnie to hit 6 iron instead of 5. In all 3 instances he hit the green and 3 putted for bogey. On the last round he hit his drive in the same area and Arnie insists on 5 iron and proceeds to hit it over green against the wall. He bounces a chip off wall onto green and makes putt for par. On the stroll up the 18th Arnie tells Tip ” you cost me the Open title” Tip asks him how and Arnie replied that ” you mis clubbed me on 17 for 3 straight rounds. Certainly a lot is lost in hearing the story from me as opposed to Tip over a pint but it is my favorite golf story. I am repeating it exactly as I was told but how the story grew over the years I cannot say.

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